Pritam Shinde | Artlita
Pritam Shinde

Pritam Shinde, our Digital Brand Strategist

Pritam Shinde is a humble & talented person we’re delighted to have on the team. With 15 years of experience he has a lot of strategic ideas to improve our reach online. He not only markets our brand, he handles the development stuff single handedly. His core areas include site development, SEO & sponsored ads on social media. Despite his long tenure in this space, he is hungry for knowledge, and curious, so enjoys research and learning new tools & techniques in this ever-changing industry. We can always rely on him to get the job done right on time. We’re excited about his award winning digital marketing brand strategies and enjoy seeing them provide loft to Artlita.

Like our former president Abe Lincoln said: if we give him 6 hours to chop down a tree, he’ll spend 4 hours sharpening the axe & cut down the tree in 2 hours.