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Interior Design Art

Art is Integral to Interior Design

Interior design and art go hand in hand. Finding the right piece(s) that will emphasize key features in the room, perfectly complete the design story, stay within budget and also be an original work of art can be a rigorous process. Both creative and technical, choosing art for interior design is an ‘art’ in and of itself, and that’s why Artlita is here to help.

The Right Art for Interior Design

Motif, hue and scale are important to consider when choosing interior design artwork.  Sometimes the right piece is already in existence and it’s just a matter of discovering it.  But other times, you need to adjust size, tone, medium, etc. before you can please the choosiest client.

At Artlita, we believe it’s our job to make this simple. We regularly add talented Southern and Baja California-based artists to the Artlita Artist Community whose work varies from vibrant and eclectic to calming and poignant. Offering painting, photography, and mixed media, our site provides a succinct compilation of our artists, whose profiles can be explored to determine which style matches with your design sensibility.  Since the site contains a rotating curated selection of their art, this should be seen as a sample of their work, rather than a complete representation of all the available pieces.

Collaborating with a particular artist on a custom interior design art piece is something we get excited about, and this is a significant benefit for those interior designers whose clients’ fine art needs are more specific. Together, we can explore how to adjust an existing piece so that it’s just right—modifying colors, sizes or mediums. Better yet, we offer the option to commission a fully custom piece—whether that’s producing a painting in a certain color scheme and scale, or creating a mural onsite on the client’s wall(s).

Artlita for Interior Design

Artlita values its relationships with interior designers, architects and real estate developers.  We are happy to extend a trade discount to you and your clientele on any purchased artwork.  We also offer the choice of a lease. Leasing is an ideal option for wishy-washy clients who struggle with decisions.  It’s also great if you’re working within a tight budget or need something staged.  This option allows your client to try the art in their space before they commit to it, and with 100% of the first month’s lease payment applicable to the purchase (plus 60% of each additional month), this eliminates the fear of buyer’s remorse.  The best part? They can convert to a purchase at any time.

A key element in helping you select the perfect piece for your interior design artwork is the ArtPlacer option. We wrote a blog post on it, but to sum it up here, the ArtPlacer tool allows you to upload an elevation and virtually try art on your client’s walls.

Not enough time in the day to test out different pieces? We are happy to facilitate this for you. Email us any relevant information about your project, including the elevations or photos of the room(s) along with your budget constraints, and we will send you some options to review with your client.  We are also available to come onsite should you be located in Southern or Baja California.

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