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Ideal Art for Medical Practices & Healthcare Facilities

Calming Landscapes

Research shows that calming landscapes used for Medical office artwork contribute to an environment where patients feel safe – reducing anxiety, contributing to improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction. The Artlita Artist Community has several fine art photographers whose work is ideal for this setting and a sampling of their fine art photography for healthcare facilities can be seen below:

Abstract Art Inspired by Biology

Artlita has partnered with Science Photo Library to bring you gorgeous images that are both artistic and biological. We are thrilled to present their stunning imagery and think you’ll agree that the millions of images we have access to, and can alter the color of to make variations that compliment your decor perfectly, make our offering of abstract art inspired by the human body an exceptional option for your practice or healthcare facility:

Uplifting Figurative Artwork

Uplifting figurative artwork can also create a sense of well-being and can be mixed in with both peaceful landscapes and abstract art. The Artlita Artist Community has several fine art painters whose work is ideal for this setting:

Macro Photography

Macro photography of beautiful florals in soft hues is well known to create a sense of peace and is widely used in healthcare for that reason. Here we feature the work of Tara Graviss.

How to Choose Art for Healthcare Facilities

We would love to help guide you as you select the ideal art for your practice or medical facility and offer free art advisory. For those who would like to educate themselves further before reaching out for assistance, we encourage you to dive into the resources we’ve created:

Artlita for Healthcare

Having been to countless medical offices and hospital facilities across the United States over her career, Aleta is expertly poised to provide guidance tailored to your patient base, your region of the country and budgetary constraints. Contact us for free art advisory and learn how we can help you to reduce stress and improve the patient experience with art.

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