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Why You Should Rent Art for Luxury Home Staging

When you’re trying to sell a house, you want potential buyers to walk through the door and immediately fall in love. Your goal is to have them already imagining themselves living in that house, to see it as their own home. That is why home staging is so important – particularly in the luxury market. Home staging is a practice that serves to highlight a house’s greatest assets and incentivizes potential buyers to want to move in. If done right, it greatly increases the chances of selling a high-end home quickly.

One of the most important aspects of home staging is the way you decorate. Now, this doesn’t mean filling every wall and space with decorations. In fact, the art of home staging is making simple, yet tasteful choices that fit the atmosphere of the home. This is where art comes in. Art creates those finishing touches that tie the home together and make buyers see the house as their dream home. 

The importance of art for home staging cannot be denied, and this is why renting artwork is perfect for that exact purpose. Read on to find out why you should rent art for luxury home staging.

Renting Artwork: Home Staging Edition

As a stager, you invest in furnishings and artwork so that you are able to stage multiple homes at once. This can add up to be quite a hefty investment and, while it’s common that stagers will invest in good furniture that will complement a high-end listing, it doesn’t always make as much sense to buy art that is of sufficient quality for a $2.5-$15M home. This is because the wall-space can vary so much from listing to listing. Investing $5,000-$10,000 on just one piece of art that is ideal for one specific home, but not necessarily another, is simply not something that makes financial sense. 

It also doesn’t make sense to install incredible furniture in a stunning $6M home and put wall art from HomeGoods or Ikea on the wall. Hence, art rentals to the rescue! Renting artwork is the perfect solution for luxury home staging, and here’s why.

No Commitment Necessary

For potential buyers, it’s all about the look and feel of the environment they are walking into. Art plays a big role in that environment. 

Canvas artwork hangs above bed frame
“Bailarinas” (Ballerinas) by Julieta Valdez completes the finished look with the perfect color contrast for this bedroom.

The power of renting artwork lies in the fact that you can return it. There is no long-term commitment involved. For luxury home staging, this is ideal. Home stagers, or their clients, can simply rent gorgeous fine art to highlight the space and woo incoming buyers. Once the home is off the market they can return the pieces and not worry about whether they will be able to get more use out of that investment. 

Added Value at an Affordable Price

According to a report done by the National Association of Realtors, 77% of buyers’ agents said that home staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their own, while 21% of sellers say that it can increase the value of the home from 6-10%. Overall, 39% noted that staging homes greatly reduces the amount of time a house is on the market.

By simply making a home aesthetically pleasing, which includes cleaning the space, reorienting the furniture, and adding in visual appeals, such as art, your decorating efforts can increase the value of the house. Not only will the homeowner be able to sell the house for a higher price, but your service also increases the likelihood of selling it in a shorter period of time. As a luxury home stager with a reputation to uphold, you can rest assured knowing that you have chosen quality art that matches the home you are staging, and by renting that artwork, you know you’re making an economical decision. These staging efforts will further elevate your position as a respected and sought after home stager to luxury realtors.

Mixed media painting in minimalist living room
Elevate your home staging decor with paintings, like Alvaro Blancarte’s “Reventando el Negro” (Black Busting Through) in this minimalist living room.

Once the house is sold, the art rentals can be returned, and you can be on your way to staging your next home, which likely needs different art to complement its look and feel.

Rent-to-Own Made Simple

Home staging is meant to make potential buyers fall in love with the house. Sometimes, this means that they fall in love with the whole house, art included. If the home buyer wants to keep the art you have staged in the home, no problem!

At Artlita, you have the ability to rent art with zero commitments, so you will only pay for the month(s) you need the artwork. If the buyer wants to keep the art you have staged along with the house, you will receive a 10% commission for each work that is purchased.

It’s Time to Rent Art and Take Your Luxury Home Staging to the Next Level

If you have never considered renting art for luxury home staging, now’s your chance. Make your home staging efforts stand out from the rest by renting quality artwork, whether it’s paintings or photography we’ve got you covered. Quality art will enhance the overall atmosphere and experience of potential buyers with discerning taste, and it will set your staging apart from the competition.

Photograph hangs above bathtub in large open bathroom
Set your staging apart by adding fine art pieces to rooms, even the bathroom. Fine art photography by Zim Killgore: “Frozen Beauty”

Take your home staging to the next level, and rent art now

Comment down below which art styles you like to use to stage homes.

Article by Leily Zhu

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