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Why You Should Lease Artwork to Seal the Deal on Design Projects

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You’ve invested so much time and effort into creating the perfect design. Whether your design project is for a living room, an entire house, or a commercial space, it takes a lot of work. You’ve ideated and iterated on every fine detail to choose the best options – from the furnishings to the wall treatments to flooring, so your design project is good to go, right? You might be missing a crucial finishing touch. What is that finishing touch, you ask? Artwork! 

Without art, no space will truly represent your client or earn that ‘Wow’ response that we’re all looking for. Before signing off on your design project, knowing it’s finished to perfection, you will need to introduce the ideal art into the space. Read on to find out why your client should lease artwork to successfully complete your design.

4 Reasons to Lease Artwork For Design Projects

Let’s face it. Art can be pricey, and sometimes it’s hard to get your client to decide on the perfect artwork for your design project. It would be nice if they could try different artworks out before making their final decision, wouldn’t it? Well, guess what? They can! Read on to learn 4 reasons leasing artwork is ideal for finishing a design project.


1. Run Out of Budget?

If you are brought into the project from the start, we encourage a conversation with your clients early-on re: the importance of investing in wall art. After all, art adds those much-needed finishing touches, can represent their belief systems, and also embellishes the overall atmosphere. We know, however, that oftentimes an interior designer is brought into a project that already has a set budget and art is treated as an after-thought. This is an ideal use-case for starting with leased art vs. putting something less-than-ideal on the walls to fill the blank space. They may not be aware that this is an option. Paying a reasonable monthly fee, that can be applied to purchase when they are ready, will paint you as the resourceful interior design expert with an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

2. Fear of Commitment? Fear no more!

The power of leasing artwork lies in the fact that you can return it. There is no long-term commitment involved and no big capital expenditure at the outset. Maybe you’re trying to cater your design project to multiple audiences with different perspectives. Suggesting that they start with leased artwork may give you the space you need to convince them to try what you believe will finish the room perfectly. After all, if they don’t fall in love with it, they can simply return it at the end of the lease. No commitment, no problem!


3. Consistent Art Refresh

Does your client have a short attention span or get bored easily? Do they like the idea of impressing clients or guests with a rotating collection of art like you would see in a high-end gallery? Then leasing art is an ideal way to go. Many people need a change of scenery to get their creative juices flowing or gain inspiration. After a while, static space can become dull, even if it’s a beautifully designed space. If you want to keep your design projects novel and exciting, then a consistent refresh might just be in order and varying art is a great way to positively alter the atmosphere. 

The great thing about leasing artwork is that they can constantly get an art refresh. Enjoy gorgeous fine art for 6 months and, when your client is ready to refresh your design project, swap it for a new, exciting piece of art that will restart that experience of newness when they walk in the room. This way they can try as many different mediums, styles, and aesthetics as they like until they have become a professional art connoisseur or fall deeply in love with a particular piece that really speaks to them. 

4. Lease-to-Own Made Simple

You work hard to create the perfect space with your design work and you hope that the art you select will be something they fall in love with. If they do, that works just as well as trying something else for the next 6 months. At Artlita, 100% of the first month’s lease payment can be applied towards a purchase and 60% of each additional month also applies. Even better? They can convert to purchase at any time or extend the lease should they wish to.

Ready to Take Your Design Projects to New Levels of Success?

Leasing artwork takes the stress out of finishing your design project. Not only can your clients experiment with different mediums, genres, and styles of art, but they can fine-tune the atmosphere and feelings created by your design project. Add those finishing touches your designs have been searching for without the pressure of finding budget-friendly art or a lifelong commitment to quality art. Take your design projects to the next level by allowing us to partner with you through our free art advisory service.

By Leily Zhu

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