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Renting Artwork is In – Why You Should Hop on the Trend

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By now, everyone is getting a little too used to the insides of their homes. Cabin fever grows day-by-day, and even homebodies are nearly ready to fly the coop. Those same old walls you stare at day-in and day-out need some spicing up. What better way to add that much-needed flair than sprucing up your environment with some art? 

If you’re worried you can’t commit to a single piece or will get bored after some time, have no fear. That’s what renting artwork is for. 

It’s time that you find affordable art that fits your taste, and rent!

Why Rent Art?

With every up-and-coming generation, new trends are bound to surface. One of today’s rising trends is the popularity of renting. What used to be done out of financial necessity, renting is now becoming trendy. Across several consumer industries, ownership is out. Renting is in. In the past, rentals were only associated with property and luxurious one-time use dresses and tuxes. Now, the rental market expands to nearly anything you can imagine: daily clothing, equipment, furniture and art. 

Renting artwork is a growing market, and you shouldn’t wait to hop on the trend. Read on for the reasons why you should rent art.

Online Purchases

Society is becoming more and more virtual every day, especially given the current state of the world. This means that consumerism is also shifting to an online market, and though art purchasing generally remains an in-person action, the art world has also begun to adapt to the online shopping era. 

According to Forbes, about 25% of 20 to 30-year-olds purchased their first art piece online. The largest issue these customers ran into was their inability to physically inspect the art before purchasing. This obstacle discouraged many from completing the final payment step. This is where renting artwork comes in. 

Customers can rent art for a lower price to try out the artwork in their personal space or business office. This reduces the concern of online buyers who cannot perform a physical quality inspection and mitigates the risk of regretting  impulse purchases. That’s one of the best parts of renting artwork. If you are unsatisfied with your rental, you can easily return it.

As an added bonus, there are technologies out there that allow you to virtually try art on your walls. The ArtPlacer tool helps you do exactly that. You can now confidently buy art online without the worry of how the work will actually look in your space. What’s even better is that you can rent artwork and try it out to become 100% certain that it is the right art for your environment.

Bailarinas by Julieta Valdez hangs in home living area
“Bailarinas” by Julieta Valdez – Online purchases made easy with technology that allows you to virtually try art in your living space. The option to rent art makes it even easier.

Fear of Commitment

Unlike older generations, whose goal or dream was to own their own property, the younger generation has less of a regard for ownership. The level of commitment to buying and owning one’s own property, or other expensive entity, can be overwhelming for younger individuals who crave a carefree lifestyle and flexibility. Being locked-in “forever” doesn’t hold the appeal that it may have in the past. And so comes the age of renting.

It is universally accepted that art is to be admired. That’s what museums and art galleries are for. However, finding artwork that you want to look at for a lifetime can be more challenging. The option to rent art takes care of this issue. You are free to rent as many pieces of art as you would like without feeling the pressure of commitment. 

If you’re moving homes, leaving the country, or even going to outer space, you won’t have to worry about leaving behind the art purchases that can’t make the journey with you. Those art rentals will be able to find a new home.

Consistent Art Refresh

Do you have a short attention span or get bored easily? You’re not alone. Many people need a change of scenery to get their creative juices flowing or gain inspiration. A never-changing home or work office can become dull, dreary, and even suffocating, depending on how much time is being spent there. Art is a great way to positively alter the atmosphere.

The great thing about renting artwork is that you can constantly get an art refresh. Display an art piece on your wall for six months, and when you’re in the mood for something new, hit refresh. You can easily return your art rental and rent an entirely new work. You can try as many different mediums, styles, and aesthetics as you would like until you have become a professional art connoisseur. 

Emerging by Brenda Salamone hangs in dark-toned bedroom
“Emerging” by Brenda Salamone brings a refreshing vibrance to bedroom decor. When you rent artwork, you can get a constant art refresh.

A bi-annual refresh of your environment is easily achievable when you rent art. So, what are you waiting for? Get your refresh today.

Affordable Art Trial Period

Lastly, maybe you’re someone who has been eyeing a specific piece of artwork but hasn’t taken the plunge for fear of spending an exuberant amount of money on art that might not turn out as perfectly as you imagined. Have no fear. Renting artwork gives you that much-needed trial period to sample that piece you’ve been dreaming to have in your room. 

Renting art is an affordable option to test the waters before taking the dive. Today, there are a number of businesses that provide art rentals for this exact reason. 

"Frozen in Time" by Becky Black hangs in cool-toned bedroom aesthetic
“Frozen in Time” by Becky Black perfectly matches these calming aesthetics. Artlita’s art rental policy gives you time to fall in love before the full purchase. Rent-to-own made simple.

At Artlita, you have the ability to rent art for a whole month before deciding if you prefer to continue renting or have fallen forever in love and prefer to purchase. This is rent-to-own made simple. What other gallery allows you to rent art for 30 days, and then fully upgrade at the same price as buying it right from the start?? If it takes you a little longer to decide, then no worries, 60% of each additional month also applies to the purchase.

It’s Time to Rent Art

Whether you are an online shopping fanatic, need time to commit, or simply need a continual refresh, you can’t go wrong when you rent art. You no longer need to agonize over buying that piece of art that you really want. Renting artwork gives you that happy medium you need before making a full purchasing decision.

There are no more excuses for hesitating. Go, and rent art!

Article by Leily Zhu


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