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Interior Design Tips: How Art Can Help You Succeed in Interior Design

Everyone has a dream home. It’s that home that you envision yourself walking into and thinking, “This is it. This is where I’m going to live.” Some prefer a house of grandeur and elaborate chandeliers, while others desire a quaint and cozy abode. No matter the style, there is someone who is responsible for making that dream design come to life. Enter the interior designer.

Interior design is an underrated skill that often fades into the background. This is largely due to the fact that interior designers are responsible for creating uninterrupted spaces and natural backgrounds that just feel right. That seems simple enough, but the interior design market is chock full of fierce competition. It’s incredibly difficult to get noticed. 

So, what makes an interior designer successful? How do you make your interior designs stand out? One simple thing you can use to boost your interior design success is art!

Whether you are an interior designer or someone who is simply trying to spruce up your own living space, the importance of wall art cannot go unnoticed. Read on for interior design tips, and find out how art can help you succeed in interior design.

The Importance of Wall Art in Interior Design

Sometimes, the most subtle changes can make the biggest difference. Once the spatial design and structural elements of the interior are established, the next step is to personalize the space. The importance of wall art in interior design cannot be overlooked. Adding art into your daily living space can positively influence your atmosphere and significantly improve your quality of life. Even the smallest art addition will up your interior design game. Here’s why art in interior design is important and how incorporating it will determine your interior design success.

Art Makes Your Space Unique

Cookie-cutter homes are becoming more and more common these days. It’s economical from a real-estate perspective and requires less effort. However, while neighborhoods may look identical from an outside point of view, the interiors of those households tell the real story about those living inside them. Make your interior design unique by incorporating art pieces that fit the desired aesthetic. Even one single piece, whether it’s a huge wall mural or framed photography, can turn the interior into something special. Find an artwork that matches your ideal interior design, and create a unique atmosphere that is unlike any other.

Art Creates a Focal Point

One of the first rules of interior design is that every room needs a focal point. When someone walks into a room, their eyes should be drawn to a designated spot that allows them to orient themselves within the room. There’s no better way to do this than with art. Find an empty wall to hang your favorite wall art or even an array of artwork that visually works together. Make sure that you emphasize this focal point, by either choosing wall art that is large enough to attract attention or accenting the space around the art so it is the center of attention. Not only is art a visually appealing solution, but it also makes your interior design work easier. 

Oil painting hangs above bed in brown bedroom
Bedroom transformation: simply add a piece of wall art as your focal point and watch your interior design improve exponentially. “Emerging” – painting by Brenda Salamone

Art as a Color Palette

Sometimes, the most difficult part about interior design is choosing the right colors for the designated space. Need an easy solution? Choose the artwork That really speaks to you, and let the art decide the color palette. Once you have identified the main wall art that you absolutely must have on your living room or bedroom wall, the rest will come easily. By letting the art do the talking, you can fuel your inspiration and figure out exactly how you want to design the rest of the room. Identify the dominant colors of the wall art pieces, and Voila! You have your color palette. 

Mixed media painting hangs in living room with royal blue tones
“Moving On In Beige” by Rosario Glezmir hangs on the wall and sets the color palette for this interior design style. A mix of deep blue and neutral tones creates a wonderful color palette for this living room.

Art Adds Color and Texture

The importance of wall art goes beyond the basics of interior design. While wall art sets ideal focal points and can decide the color palette of a room, it also brings much-needed color and texture to an otherwise lifeless interior. No matter how perfectly furniture is spaced or how great the lighting is, without color and texture, the environment will feel lackluster. Wall art is a great way to add color to an otherwise neutral color pallet. Sometimes, adding random fabrics to fill the dull void feels overdone and unfitting, while art adds just the right amount of flavor. Wall art is also ideal for adding texture to the environment because it can come in a variety of mediums. From original oil paintings to embellished canvas prints or classically styled archival paper prints that are framed and matted, the vast variety of wall art and print substrate options will complement any color or texture interior design need.

Art Showcases Your Creativity

Whether your artistic ability matches that of Picasso or the most impressive thing you can draw is a stick figure, everyone has a creative side. Art in interior design is the perfect way to showcase your creative vision and fuel your creativity. By showing off the art that was curated by you and staging them, you are displaying your artistic vision and capability to every person that walks into your home. Additionally, it has been proven that having art in your environment increases your creative capabilities and encourages a more creative flow of ideas.

Art Adds the Finishing Touches

Interior design is all about the end product. Finishing touches can make or break the room. This is why the importance of wall art must be emphasized. Adding those final touches makes the room feel whole and complete. Without quality wall art, you will waste your investment in interior decor and your guests will sense its unfinished state. Avoid that worst-case scenario, and invest in wall art that not only adds those much needed finishing touches but also embellishes the overall atmosphere. A singular piece of gorgeous wall art can take the impression of the interior design from “meh” to “LOVE”.

paintings hang in neutral cream colored living room
Paintings by Rebeca Martinez Gonzalez add the perfect finishing touch to an otherwise dull interior.

Take These Interior Design Tips and Find Art Now

To become successful in interior design, you cannot ignore the importance of wall art and the effects that art can have on the environment. When it comes to interior design, art is one of the most important parts. Take the interior design tips from above, and find art today that will boost your interior design success. 

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Article by Leily Zhu



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