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Art to Match Your Interior Design Styles

Art Deco Living Room with Alejandro Martinez-Pena's artwork

Interior design is a special kind of skill that not everyone possesses. Beautiful homes and offices aren’t created by chance. Interior designers are responsible for making those stylistic choices that invite people into a home and make them want to live there. Art, although only a small addition to the entire design of a room, can make a big impact on the atmosphere and perception of the overall interior. No matter the interior design style, whether it is minimalist or coastal, there is an art piece to match it. 

Read on for interior design tips and find what interior design wall art is best for you.

Interior Design Styles

There are many different styles an interior designer can choose from when designing a home. Here are some of the most popular styles today and the best art choices to go along with them.


As indicated by the name, the coastal design resembles a coast or beach house. Neutral colors, like white and beige, are set to resemble sand. Of course, light blues and greens are incorporated to add that sea-like feature to the interior. The environment produces a light, airy, and relaxed atmosphere, much like if you were relaxing on a sandy beach, soaking up the sun rays and getting sprayed by the ocean breeze. 

Hermosa Beach photography perfect for coastal interior design
Hermosa Beach Sunset Ramp by Taras Semchyshyn makes for the perfect coastal interior decoration

The perfect interior decoration for coastal styles will inevitably include ocean elements. Choose wall art that is splashed full with shades of light blues and greens to add that pop of color that resembles the surf. This interior design style can include more art throughout the home to emphasize the coastal aura, even if you live nowhere near the ocean.


Rustic interior designs are probably one of the easiest to identify. It combines elements of the natural outdoors, industrial accents, and farmhouse charm into one. Expect to see a lot of wood with this style. Often, rustic interiors are centered around a focal fireplace. Cowhides and sheepskins soften the use of wood, and industrial pendants or fixtures bring about a feeling of sophistication to this otherwise homey design.

To match rustic interiors, the art must be centered around elements of nature, such as a forest or serene lake, or involve wood-like textures and patterns. The colors should not be too vibrant, as rustic designs tend to follow a neutral color scheme.

Bridge to the Museum of Man hung in rustic bathroom with metal tub
Bridge to the Museum of Man by Michael James Slattery is the perfect contrast to the wooden panels of this rustic bathroom style.


Contemporary design is an interesting one because it is completely of the present, meaning it is ever-changing as the times change. In today’s terms, contemporary interior design styles mimic that of minimalist design. Contemporary spaces are sleek and modern with detailed moldings and open areas. Materials, such as metal and glass, will often pop up in these spaces because of their light-reflective properties.

Mixed media painting on canvas above bed in contemporary style bedroom
Burroquizado by Alvaro Blancarte – a mixed media painting on canvas. The yellow accents add a wonderful pop of color to an otherwise neutral-toned bedroom.


Unlike minimalist designs, contemporary spaces have more freedom in the color choices and patterns for their interior design wall art. A splash of color can be added to the mix of neutral tones. Usually, the art style best fit for contemporary design will include graphic lines or patterns that embrace simplicity.


Think of 18th and 19th-century European styles. That is what inspires traditional interior design. Traditional interior designs incorporate ornate details, dark wood, and expensive fabrics. The textiles may feature a variety of patterns, such as florals, stripes, or plaids. You have the opportunity to explore with this style, so be adventurous and have fun with your interior decorating. 

Piety and Intermediate - paintings by Julieta Valdez in a traditionally styled dining room
La Piedad (left) and Intermedio (right) by Julieta Valdez add to the grandeur of this traditional interior design style dining room.

It is difficult to define a specific art style that is best matched for traditional interior design styles because each home is so unique. Color schemes can vary, but dark, warm tones define the color palette along with rich jewel tones and dark wood. Find simplistic, maybe even symmetrical, wall art pieces that match the color scheme of the interior.


Minimalist design embraces the phrase “less is more.” Minimalism creates a very modern atmosphere and is growing in popularity, not just for homes but for offices as well. The lack of complication and multicolor decor creates a space of functionality. The key to this style is to keep rooms open, simple, and refined.

Because minimalist design, by definition, will not involve much artwork, selecting the right piece that will act as a focal point for the rest of the room is essential. Interior design wall art that works best for the minimalist style will hold the same characteristics as the room. It should have a simple color scheme with a select few muted colors and an uncomplicated design with little clutter. Art with a contrasting black and white color scheme is ideal for minimalist interior design styles.

Minimalist interior design with architectural photography as focal point of room
Architectural Angles – photo by Zim Killgore makes for an ideal focal point in this minimalist living room.


Red painting creates pop of color in bohemian style room
Moving On In Red by Rosario Glezmir serves as a bold pop of color in this bohemian-styled interior.

Bohemian interior design styles consist of some of the most eclectic styles out there. This style is known for a free-spirited, light-hearted feel that mixes aesthetics and cultures. It’s commonplace to find exotic trinkets, vintage or antique furniture, and flea-market finds in a bohemian household. Throwing together patterns and colors that would seemingly clash, but somehow don’t because the entire interior is a nomadic mix, is encouraged.

Because bohemian is such a care-free style, you have a lot of freedom with the art you choose to decorate the interior of your home. Don’t be afraid to go after pieces with lots of color or wild designs. Both abstract and extremely simplistic artworks can fit well with the overall vibe of bohemian designs. 


The name of this style should leave no room for surprise. Urban, with a mix of warehouse and factory vibes, industrial interior design creates a lean, somewhat masculine, minimalist atmosphere. Expect a lot of metal, neutral colors, raw woods, and open spaces. Brick and concrete can be great additions to this style to really emphasize the warehouse elements of the design.

As with minimalist and contemporary designs, the artwork chosen for an industrial interior should be simplistic and muted or neutral in tone. Avoid any “soft” or “intimate” artwork, as it will clash with the masculine space. Instead, metal art or wall art with dark tones are ideal for industrial interior designs.

Arts District photography hangs in industrial interior design style living room
Arts District Colors – photo by Taras Semchyshyn fits perfectly with this industrial interior design style. The lights of a warehouse in the Arts District bring a pop of color and match the industrial theme of the room.


Paintings hung on purple wall of eclectic living room
Art by Brenda Salamone, Rosario Glezmir & Gretchen Weidner decorate this eclectic space.

Similar to bohemian, eclectic interior design styles are rich in culture and high in energy. Bold colors, textures, and patterns are brought together to produce multiple focal points and layers. However, eclectic design should not be mistaken for a free-for-all where anything goes. Accent colors and focal points are chosen carefully to create a vibrant environment that is rich and lively but does not cross the line into busy and messy. 

Again, interior decoration has a great deal of freedom in an eclectic household. Choose artworks that are bold in color but still match the accented color scheme of your interior. Eclectic interior designs are perfect for hosting a gallery of interior design wall art because there is no need for empty wall space with this style. 

Art Deco

The epitome of 1920s chic, art deco involves ornate and jewel-like decorations, metal embellishments, and oversized furniture. This interior design style evokes glamor and elegance. Everything is larger with art deco – vases, chairs, light fixtures, decorations, you name it.

Art Deco styled room with large plant, pink accents, and framed fine art
La Playa Rosa III (The Pink Beach III) by Alejandro Martinez-Pena brings this beautifully designed Art Deco living room to life.

With art deco, you have to expect a lot of art. It’s literally in the name. Select interior design wall art that is rich in color, decadent in the details, and incorporates bold geometry. These pieces can be more abstract, but they should evoke a sense of glamor and luxury when placed in the home.

Feng Shui

Also known as Chinese geomancy, the literal translation of Feng Shui means “wind-water.” Feng Shui is more than just rearranging your furniture a certain way. The ancient Chinese believed it used energy forces to bring harmony and balance to one’s environment, bringing peace to an individual’s everyday life. 

Since Feng Shui is all about harmony and tranquility, the artwork you choose for this interior design style must align with those values. This style requires calming colors that relieve stress and bring balance to one’s life. Look for blues, blue-greens, lavenders, and soft pinks. 

Feng Shui style bedroom with Zen Waterfall painting above bed
Balboa Park’s Zen Waterfall by Scott Murphy creates a balanced peace in this Feng Shui style bedroom. This is the perfect fine art to find your Zen and inner peace.

Choose Your Ideal Interior Decoration

The number of interior design styles is endless, and each design is unique in its own way. However, this article addressed 10 of the most common and popular styles of this decade. It doesn’t matter if your interior is minimalist, eclectic, bohemian, or something all your own – there is artwork that will perfectly complement your interior design and create the finishing touch that your home or office needs. 

Find your perfect artistic complement today.  And tell us, what’s your favorite design style or artist?

Article by Leily Zhu


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