Yandi Monardo - Artlita

Yandi Monardo

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Yandi is a Latin-American modern artist who was born in Young, Uruguay and began his artistic career there in 1988. He relocated to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with his lovely wife and daughter, Yana and Luana. His art is shaped by the emotional expression of the Baja landscape and the magic of Mexico. Every piece pulsates with the heartbeat of nature. Even his more urban pieces seem to vibrate with the rhythm of the earth.

I approach each of my works with different mediums including acrylics, oils and natural pigments. They are applied to a variety of substrates including acetate sheets, wood and canvas. This allows me an endless investigation, searching through the lines, colors, shapes and textures … and thus I get a natural and organic expression. I attempt to evoke nature, the desert, the sea, the sunsets and sunrises. My goal is to provoke in the viewer that sense of strength, gratitude, generosity and abundance, which we experience here in beautiful and diverse Baja California Sur. The textures of the stones, the sand on the beaches, the shape of the cacti, the bark of the trees, in everything we see there are signs of a much greater design. I am like an investigator and chronicler who recounts, through painting and plastic media, my passage through time in this fertile land. My paintings range from capturing the essence of primitive man to contemporary expression. For this reason, the materials I use change depending on the moment and the message I want to share.

The series on Artlita includes was painted during the pandemic. It is a work in which the impression of color emerges as the main motive of the story.  Nature gives us both joy and life itself. It leads us to search through these materials, techniques and states. The result is a salad of colors that stimulate positivity. In the primitivism of the lines, without aesthetic pretensions, you see the total intention of the free and spontaneous line.” – Yandi Monardo


  • Messages from the Sea original fine art on acetate by Yandi Monardo

    Messages from the SeaYandi Monardo

    $625.00 / One Time
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  • Mixed media fine art in white, blue and black

    Pacifico Sur IYandi Monardo

    $950.00 / One Time
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  • blue, white and black abstract art by Yandi Monardo

    Pacifico Sur IIYandi Monardo

    $950.00 / One Time
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  • blue, black and white small abstract artwork

    Pacifico Sur IIIYandi Monardo

    $450.00 / One Time
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