Susan Leonhard | Artist at Artlita

Susan Leonhard

Laguna Hills, CA, USA

Susan Leonhard is best known for her series of contemporary underwater paintings entitled “Underwater & Beyond.”  The inspiration for this series began in 2014 while snorkeling off the coast of Kauai. Susan states, “Having always loved being underwater, I  wanted these paintings to depict the surreal beauty of the water itself… focusing on color, reflective light and transparency and motion of the water. I wanted them to be vibrant, yet serene and for each to have a unique perspective.”

Susan was born in Burbank, California and grew up in the rural foothills of nearby Shadow Hills. She is a third-generation artist and began painting at age 10. Susan describes herself as a self-taught artist with the benefit of creative genes. Having painted over 40 years, Susan has built up a large portfolio of work and continues to work on four series:  Laguna Beach, Kauai, Landscapes and her Underwater & Beyond series. Her love of open spaces and nature are easily recognized in all of her work.

Susan’s paintings have been featured in publications such as, “The Art Lover’s Cookbook,” “Gladys” magazine, “The Creative Way” and “LA Travel” magazine.  Susan donates work to various charities, including Art & Creativity For Healing, the MS Society, The Children’s Diabetes Foundation, American Cancer Society and several animal rescue groups throughout Orange County & Los Angeles.


  • Caribbean Reflections - 1 Oil on Canvas

    Caribbean ReflectionsSusan Leonhard

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  • Plein Air painting of the best breakfast spot in Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii

    Hanalei CharmSusan Leonhard

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  • Quiet Reflections Wall Art For Home

    Quiet ReflectionsSusan Leonhard

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