Rebeca Martinez Gonzalez

San Diego, CA, USA

Self-taught artist with a life-long love affair with painting.

Experienced in various art techniques with a passion for continuous evolution.

Started painting at the age of 9 and have never looked back.
Originally from Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, now lives in San Diego, CA USA

Since I was a child, I was surrounded by a family who was very arts-oriented. My father, grandmother and some favorite aunts all fueled my artistic talent.

I remember what fun it was as a child to combine different colors and come up with new and exiting pigments for my paintings. I am infatuated with textures, transparencies, color and what happens when you mix them all and how there are limitless possibilities for them all.

In painting I have reincarnated. I love to be in constant evolvement, always looking for new and exciting techniques, fusioning what I learned in the past with new methods I am learning today.

I have been in group exhibitions, in the Latin American Art Walk in San Diego CA and now my own solo exhibition at Arthouz in Chula Vista, CA.


  • Contra Todo - Acrylic On Canvas Artwork

    Contra Todo (Against All)Rebeca Martínez González


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  • Juntos pero (Together but) - Canvas Wall Art

    Juntos pero… (Together but…)Rebeca Martínez González


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  • Nostalgia - Acrylic Artwork

    NostalgiaRebeca Martínez González


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