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Karla Preciado

Chula Vista, CA, United States

Born and raised in Tijuana Mexico, Karla Preciado received her B.A in communications from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California.

Always in touch with her creative side, her artistic journey began in 2007 while living in Spain. It was there, while living on the Southern Coast of Andalucía, that she took her first painting class discovering the outlet to express her creative vision and finding a whole new world of visual communication.

Through expressive brushstrokes and a signature love of color, Karla gives life to her paintings, creating a sense of vibrancy and playful fluidity. A closer look reveals how her use of acrylics and mixed media create richness in layers, depth, and visual interest to keep your eye exploring the canvas for the next artistic nuance.

Her art ranges from expressive abstracts to commissioned portraits that capture the true essence of her subjects in a unique and colorful way.

Karla’s work has been displayed in Spain and throughout the San Diego area where she currently resides with her family.


  • Deep ContemplationKarla Preciado

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  • I'm Still Standing | San Diego Fine Art | Woman Survivor Art

    I’m Still StandingKarla Preciado

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  • Isolation SummaryKarla Preciado

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  • Path To SerenityKarla Preciado

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  • The Joyful ElephantKarla Preciado

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