Gia Chikvaidze

Los Angeles, CA, USA

With finessing fingers, black aphotic wit and winged imagination, George (GIA) Chikvaidze creates a wrenching view of life’s aspects entirely his own. His scenes are worried with a saturating delight for the self-satirical gasconade of human posture and illuminated with an extraordinary skill for whimsical expression. Born in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia in 1961, Chikvaidze found early guidance from the artists in his own family before studying graphics and book illustration at Tbilisi Academy of Art. Besides illustration and commissioned murals, he worked on set design for numerous theatrical and movie projects while exhibiting his work throughout Central and Eastern Europe, including expositions in Germany, Yugoslavia, Finland, Poland and Italy. He also pursued an interest in archeology on a number of expeditions in Georgia before moving to his current home in Los Angeles, California.

Style & Media

Via pencil, acrylic, and oil, Gia’s printing’s guide the observer on a Journey of cerebral imagery. With deep primary hoes narratives are unveiled layers by layer until like a surreal “Alice in Wonderland” one has become immersed in the artists web of colour, imagination, and philosophy.


  • Analiens - Original Canvas Oil Painting

    AnaliensGia Chikvaidze


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  • Birds - Oil Painting on Canvas

    BirdsGia Chikvaidze


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  • Rabbit Hole - Gia Chikvaidze - Original Oil Painting

    Rabbit HoleGia Chikvaidze


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  • Valentines Day - Original Oil Painting

    Valentines DayGia Chikvaidze


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