Bonnie Kent

Corona, CA, USA

I am fascinated by light, color, shapes, patterns and rhythms. They evoke powerful emotions and I am compelled to capture them with paint. My works are of pleasures which I find all around us. My intent is to promote positive thought and the celebration of life.

California native Bonnie Kent was exposed to art at an early age. Her great grandmother created beautiful oil paintings which were proudly displayed and cherished by her mother. She has a long-standing love of painting with oils for it’s slow free flowing, meditative, and forgiving process.

Bonnie began painting professionally in 2015. She is focused on building collections of work that depict life. Specifically, the enjoyment and actions which feed our souls and lead us towards a purer state of being.

In her current “Surf and Sand” series she paints life at the beach. Her figurative works explore the rejuvenating qualities of motion and play.

Bonnie studied visual music and poetry by building a foundation of painting skills in a 4-year progressive program. Driven to inspire thought and positive change; she continues to study and develop her art with the intent of adding value for her collectors.


  • Absorb - Canvas Oil Painting

    AbsorbBonnie Kent


    Rent for $227.00 / month
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  • Beach Bodies - Oil Painting on Canvas

    Beach BodiesBonnie Kent


    Rent for $227.00 / month
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  • Charm - Oil Painting Artwork

    CharmBonnie Kent


    Rent for $67.00 / month
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  • Early Escape - Oil on Canvas

    Early EscapeBonnie Kent

    $620.00 / One Time
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  • HB Pier - Oil On Canvas

    Huntington Beach PierBonnie Kent


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  • Nine Brains - Original Artwork Painting

    Nine BrainsBonnie Kent

    $810.00 / One Time
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  • Resurrect - Original Artwork Of Bonnie Kent

    ResurrectBonnie Kent


    Rent for $88.00 / month
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