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Archie Gomez

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, MX

Archie Gomez is a Mexican contemporary artist who lives in Todos Santos, Mexico which is known as an artist colony. He specializes in figurative oil works.

He began drawing when he was a child and also studied art in college. His degree is in architecture and he’s passionate about painting, sculpture and architecture.

He lives a very structured life, waking daily at 5 pm to paint before turning to architecture and build projects late morning.

He has previously exhibited in Baja California Sur and we are excited to share his thought provoking, beautiful works with Southern California for the first time.


  • Oil painting featuring beautiful but serious woman with angel wings


    From: $159.00 / month
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  • Oil painting of woman with flowers and foliage within a wooden bowl


    From: $150.00 / month
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  • Painting featuring a beautiful woman in front of a bountiful peach tree

    Duraznos (Peaches)

    From: $149.00 / month
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  • Wooden bowl painting featuring the goddess Eris

    La Manzana de Eris (The Apple of Eris)

    From: $150.00 / month
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  • Oil painting in black and white featuring a meditating woman

    Meditation I

    From: $259.00 / month
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  • Painting of a girl quietly thinking

    Meditation II

    From: $165.00 / month
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