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Art for Vacation Rentals

Artwork for Vacation Rentals

Short-term rentals are an exciting way to optimize income from real estate investments and the market has been growing rapidly since Airbnb was launched in 2008.  With over 660,000 listings in the United States on Airbnb alone, it has become highly competitive.  Considering that only 11% of the listings are booked on an average night, to be successful you’ve got to make your listing stand out.  

Since guests book vacation rentals based on what they see in photos, one of the best ways to ensure the success of your listing is to invest in charming decor and eye catching artwork along with professional photography.  Using Pinterest to organize your ideas can be very helpful during the design phase.

When decorating vacation rentals it’s important to tailor your offering to your target demographic and the neighborhood:

  • 60% of all Airbnb guests are Millennials
  • 54% of Airbnb guests are female
  • Design elements should reflect whether it’s located in a city center, near a beach or a mountain retreat
  • Bring in unique features of your neighborhood that will draw guests in

Selecting artwork for vacation rentals that is in alignment with these items will inspire potential guests to click on your listing and help them imagine themselves at home in your home.  While it’s tempting to go with mass-produced art from IKEA it’s a misstep that will make your listing look like all the rest.

Display local artists' art to improve booking conversion rates and add an additional revenue stream to your vacation rental

Turn Your Vacation Rental into an Art Gallery

As a host, your number one goal is to generate the maximum revenue possible.  To accomplish this, many hosts are offering additional services and adding Airbnb Experiences but those take time, which you may not have.  Another alternative is to turn your vacation rental into a revenue generating art gallery.  

On vacation, money feels like an abstract concept, something spent with reckless abandon. Beyond treating oneself to special experiences, memorabilia are purchased as a way to remember the vacation.  So why not capture a greater portion of their vacation spend and tempt your guests to take a piece of your beautifully decorated home back with them?

Display local artists' art to improve booking conversion rates and add an additional revenue stream to your vacation rental

Artlita for Vacation Rentals

Aleta started hosting on Airbnb in 2015 and quickly became a Superhost.  Having successfully launched 6 properties in 5 years across 4 distinct markets, she’s expertly poised to advise you on vacation rental interior design and selecting vacation rental art that will align with your neighborhood and the guests you wish to attract.  

Artlita offers free art advisory consultations with recommendations tailored to fit your budget.  If you’re not quite ready to take that step, art placer technology allows you to view our artwork in a vacation rental or upload a picture of your own property and place art anywhere on the wall.

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