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Art for Offices

Benefits of Art in Your Office

Recruiting and retaining top talent is a challenge for all businesses.  In a recent poll commissioned by Mindspace 21% of millennials say they have rejected job offers because of uninspiring workplaces.  Additionally, Gallup has been tracking employee engagement in the U.S. since 2000. They found that on average only 32% of employees in the U.S. are engaged – meaning they are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. 

While there are a variety of ways that corporations can fight disengagement, art for offices can inspire employees and increase creativity.  Some businesses like Progressive insurance company have been investing in inspirational wall art for offices for decades and have an incredible collection that encourages the pursuit of innovation and change.  According to Forbes, displaying artwork in the workplace does more than make the office aesthetically pleasing; it can actually increase employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

How to Choose Art for Your Office

There are a variety of things to consider when selecting artwork for office spaces.  You will want your corporate art collection to communicate key brand messages but you may also want to illustrate issues you are working to solve. For example, unusual artwork is a great option for organizations that conduct business in nontraditional ways or market unconventional products.  If, on the other hand your business sells ecologically sustainable products, featuring fine art photography that captures nature’s beauty would be an excellent choice.

Successful collections of art for business offices often feature local artists and demonstrate a direct reference to the local culture or environment.  So if you have Southern California offices, selecting artwork from Southern California artists and, depending on your neighborhood and clientele, Latino artists can signal a commitment to your local community.  Ultimately, the selections you make should create a feeling of unity, whether among employees or between an organization and its clients.  

Interior design should also be considered along with your brand when selecting art for office walls.  During each step of the art selection and interior design process, you should ask yourself, “What do I want my customers and employees to feel the moment they walk in the door?”  Your business decor should embody the values and vibe of your company in the same way a logo or website would. If you’re a fun and edgy or conservative and classy company representing that in your place of business will help you attract the right talent and clientele.

Artlita for Offices

After working for an Inc. 5000 award winning fast-growth company for 8 years, Aleta experienced the challenges of hiring and retaining top-talent first hand.  This ignited a passion for inspiring employees and creating environments that facilitate optimal engagement and output. From that, Aleta created two inspirational art for office programs:

  • Corporate Art Collection: Artlita provides a free art advisory consultation.  Explore art that represents your brand and is complementary to your existing or planned decor.  Whether your budget is $5,000 or $200,000, Artlita can help you make the right impact on your employees and clientele.  If you’re not quite ready to take that step, art placer technology allows you to preview how art from the Artlita Artist Community looks in a corporate setting.  You can also upload photos from your own business and place art into those photos. 

  • Art-as-a-Service for Offices: A new concept that provides a bi-annual refresh for a reasonable monthly subscription.  Never become numb to the artwork in your office. Create an inspiring and evolving environment that helps employees work longer and more creatively.  Should you fall in love with a piece, 100% of the first month’s subscription for that artwork will apply to the purchase; 60% of each additional month will also apply to the purchase.

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