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Luxury Wall Art for Hotels

Profitability and a great guest experience are the two most important aspects of a hotel business.  And with the growth of local hospitality hosts and rising competition, defining your brand and what key elements contribute to a memorable guest experience are more important than ever.  

Considering that half of the human brain is directly or indirectly devoted to processing visual information, art for hotels is unquestionably an important aspect of this experience.  Art adds value, tells a story, differentiates your property from competitors, and for better or worse can change a guest’s experience.

Selecting instagrammable artwork for hotels is also something that can help you to attract Millennials who as of 2020 make up 50% of hotel guests. Updating your brand to attract this younger generation means casting aside the idea that luxury equates to exclusivity.  Engaging with the local community is important to Millennials, which is why selecting art for hotels and restaurants that was created by Southern California artists is ideal.

Art gallery hotels are a new offering in the luxury market and they are beginning to attract guests with the artwork that appears on their walls. High-end properties are becoming a traveler’s substitute for traditional art galleries, creating a more insightful luxury experience and an additional revenue stream for the hotel.

How to Choose Art for Hotels

Having a good understanding of your hotel, brand, clientele and location is crucial when selecting wall art for hotels.  You also need to decide whether you want to consider art as a long-term investment, which will be part of your marketing strategy, or whether you simply need to fill space on your walls.  

Work with an art advisor and introduce them to your interior designer early in the process so they can collaborate on the hotel theme.  Artwork has the potential to tell a story about how your hotel is part of the neighborhood, so ask yourself:

  • What do people love about the neighborhood?
  • What makes your property special?
  • What’s new and different?
  • What local elements can help elevate the experience?

Define your budget early on.  This will enable your art advisor to build an offering that meets your needs.  Combining fine art prints with certain wow factor pieces is a great way to accomplish this.  Feature art pieces help create a hotel’s identity, making lasting impressions and providing free publicity through social media.

Artlita for Hotels

Having spent countless nights over the past 2 decades in innumerable hotels, ranging from the The Ritz Carlton to charming boutique hotels and everything in between, Aleta has a unique perspective on how art affects the guest experience. 

Artlita offers free art advisory consultations, helping you to make selections that represent your brand, neighborhood and target demographic.  If you’re working with an interior designer including them in this process is ideal. If you’re not quite ready to take that step, art placer technology allows you to view our artwork in a hotel or upload a picture of your own hotel and place art anywhere on the wall.

Art-as-a-Service is a new concept that provides an annual or bi-annual refresh for a reasonable monthly subscription.  With this option you keep your initial investment low while delighting loyal patrons with a fresh experience again and again.  It can also be combined with purchases of artwork, which creates the ultimate flexibility in terms of budget. Should you decide to convert to a purchase, 100% of the first month’s subscription for that artwork will apply; 60% of each additional month will also apply.  

We also provide the opportunity to turn your hotel into a revenue generating art gallery.  A small plaque denoting the price, and a coupon code along with the phrase “take a piece of vacation home with you” will be tastefully posted beneath the artwork.  Any art purchased from Artlita using that coupon code will provide your guest a 10% discount and you will earn 10% of each purchase.

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