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Art for Home

Inspirational Art in Your Home

Most people want art for home decor that creates an emotional impact. Unfortunately many believe they don’t have the budget, so they settle for generic prints from stores like IKEA and HomeGoods that cheapen the look of their home.  Others struggle with selecting home decor artwork as they are afraid of investing in something they will soon tire of or fear it won’t have the impact they hope for.

Our goal is to make original works of art and collectible limited-edition artwork accessible to everyone.  The Artlita Artist Community is comprised of artists that each have a unique style and perspective ranging from serene or idyllic to stunning and thought provoking.

Southern and Baja California artists are a great choice for art for your home as these artists are inspired by the same environment and culture as you.  In addition to providing the right look and feel for your home, their art is potentially a great investment. While not all art grows in value over time, original and limited edition artwork has the potential to do so whereas buying a mass-produced print contributes to the throw-away society.

How to Choose Art for Your Home

Choosing art for your home can be easier than you may think.  Going with an eclectic combination is something that can enhance your decor so there is no need to be overly constrained as you choose artwork for your home.  Trust your gut and select pieces that really speak to you.

Buying art for your living room is often the most stressful as this is where your guests generally spend the most time.  Going with one large statement piece or creating a gallery wall both work well. Here are some things to consider:

  • Art should be approximately two-thirds to three-quarters the width of your couch. 
  • If you love a smaller piece of art, group small pieces together to create a gallery wall. 
  • Works by the same artist often work well together, although multiple artists can complement one another as long as the artwork has the same color scheme.

Your bedroom is much more personal and the art you select should reflect that.  One of our favorite looks is the combination of a personal photo, possibly an engagement or wedding photo, with an original or limited-edition work of art.  If the artwork you select is on canvas then printing your personal photo on canvas works well. The same goes for a limited edition acrylic face mount.

Dining rooms are a great place to select something edgy that’s large in scale.  Whereas kitchens and bathrooms work best with smaller pieces.

Art placer technology allows you to preview how art from the Artlita Artist Community looks in a home.  It also allows you to upload photos from your own home and place art into those photos.


Artlita For Home

Artlita strives to take the stress out of finding art that truly represents you and compliments your existing or planned decor, which is why we provide both art placer technology and a free art advisory consultation.

Our leasing program was inspired by a recent study performed by Hiscox, which found that found 82% of respondents who purchased art online labelled not being able to physically inspect the art beforehand as the biggest obstacle to making a purchase. With Artlita 100% of your first month’s lease payment and 60% of each additional month’s lease payment is applied toward your purchase and you can pivot from a lease to a purchase at any time.  

If you like an ever-changing landscape, you may prefer to swap art out every 6 months and we would love to help you select the best pieces for your home so this doesn’t take much time or energy.

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