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Art for Healthcare

Benefits of Art in Healthcare

Having worked in healthcare for two decades, Aleta recognizes that there is a real need for art in healthcare.  Research shows that Medical office artwork contributes to an environment where patients feel safe,  reducing anxiety and contributing to improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction.  

Wall art for medical offices is equally important to physicians and staff.  Physician burnout is a significant problem with 30-55% of physicians being affected.  Thirty-four percent of physicians said spending too many hours at work contributed to this.  

The International Association of Professional Art Advisors conducted a survey that established a positive relationship between job productivity, stress, morale, creativity, and art in the workplace across industries.  They found that 82% of employees said art was important in the work environment, demonstrating that art can help lift your spirits and inspire you while it improves patients’ morale.

Art for healthcare

How to Choose Art for Healthcare Facilities

Too often art in healthcare facilities is comprised of cheap, dusty prints that are slightly askew.  The patients streaming through your facility often have anxiety and viewing these sad, neglected prints can subconsciously make them think that they too are an afterthought for their doctor or caregiver.

A variety of artwork from fine-art photography, one-of-a-kind mixed media pieces and original paintings can be combined with limited edition prints, including giclees and acrylic face mounts, to provide variety and fit within the budgetary requirements of your hospital or medical office.  For particularly large facilities or especially tight budgets fine art posters can be a good compliment.

Color is important to consider when selecting art for medical offices as research shows that color can play a major role in our overall state of well-being.  Cool colors, with blue undertones, have a calming effect and lower heart rate. Green is soothing and suggests hope and growth. Yellow is associated with sunshine and evokes an optimistic sense of well being.  Grays give a sense of peace to the viewer. Red and black should be avoided or used in small portions due to the correlation with blood and mortality.

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Artlita for Healthcare

Having been to countless medical offices and hospital facilities across the United States over her career, Aleta is expertly poised to provide guidance tailored to your patient base, your region of the country and budgetary constraints.  

Artlita has three programs for artwork for doctor’s offices:

  • Healthcare Art Collection: Artlita provides a free art advisory consultation, helping you to make selections that represent your brand and relate to your patient demographic.  If you’re not quite ready to take that step, art placer technology allows you to view our artwork in a medical facility or upload a picture of your own facility and place art anywhere on the wall. 
  • Art-as-a-Service for Healthcare: A new concept that provides a bi-annual refresh for a reasonable monthly subscription.  If you’re being affected by physician burnout this is one great way to address the issue. Patient care can be repetitive so balance that with a rotating curated selection of art.  Should you fall in love with a piece, 100% of the first month’s subscription for that artwork will apply to the purchase; 60% of each additional month will also apply to the purchase.
  • Revenue Generating Art Gallery: A compliment to our Art-as-a-Service offering that is ideal for plastic surgery offices, dermatology offices, ophthalmology offices and medical spas as well as larger medical office buildings.  A small plaque denoting the price, and a coupon code will be tastefully posted beneath the artwork. Any art purchased from Artlita using that coupon code will provide your patient a 10% discount and you will earn 10% of each purchase.

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