About Us – Online Art Gallery in San Diego | Artlita


Artlita was formed with three goals in mind:

  1. Uplifting our clients – brightening their homes and businesses.
  2. Elevating emerging artists – uplifting their artistic careers.
  3. Improving arts programs for children – a portion of our profits are donated to support these important programs.

Helping you enjoy original works of art at a reasonable cost vs. putting something meaningless and uninspiring on your walls is something we’re passionate about. The fact that this also helps local artists live their most authentic lives makes it a beautiful symbiotic relationship.

Artlita offers contemporary fine art, limited edition fine art prints & fine art photography ranging from $250 to $15,000 that can also be leased for a fraction of the cost. We invite you to surf our site, browsing through a curated selection of art from Southern and Baja California artists.

We also invite you to join our community of local artists and art collectors who share similar values yet have different perspectives, which makes for interesting conversation and potentially inspiration. Keep an eye out for our community events – we look forward to getting to know you at one of them!