August 2020 - Artlita

Wall Art and Print Substrate Options

Frozen Beauty by Zim Killgore
Empty walls are great for new beginnings, but the task of filling the space can be intimidating, especially when you don’t have a clear vision of what will best complement the space. Too often, when people try to accomplish this on their own, it can result in a less-than-stellar end result, so you may want to consider free art advisory. […]
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Mexican Artists Matter

The year 2020 hasn’t been easy, but amidst all the chaos that has ensued, there has been a ripple of positive change across America. Thanks to a rise in national activism, the art world has taken an active stance on artist representation within its communities. Across the country, art communities are committing to recognizing those who have been historically underrepresented […]
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The Connection Between Art and Health

Uplifting Art in a Medical Office Waiting Room
Despite their cleanliness, hospitals have an unpleasant reputation including stark white walls, overwhelming scents of disinfectants, and feelings of emptiness. They will never be a desirable location to spend time, and unfortunately, that is very unlikely to change. However, this doesn’t mean actions haven’t been taken to brighten the atmosphere and make your time spent in many facilities more enjoyable. […]
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Artlita Hires Six Employees During Pandemic

Founded back in May of 2019, Artlita LLC started off as a passion project for Aleta Daria. Switching over from twenty years in the healthcare industry, Aleta wanted to pursue her longtime dreams of a creative career. Thus was born Artlita LLC. An online art gallery, Artlita works to support others who hope to succeed in the creative industry. Now, […]
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